Knowledge is Power

I am sure we all have heard of the common saying “knowledge is Power”, we might also heard of “the more you read, the more things you know.”  While I agree with the former, I don’t necessarily agree with the latter.  I have read a lot, on a wide variety of topics.  However, I didn’t feel that I was smarter and have gained expertise from the the subject areas that I have read.  This is because I was reading so fast and so much that I was not able to retain much of what I read.  The memory of my brain was kept on being overwritten with the new material that I read.  I have concluded that to truly gain knowledge you, you not only have to read about it, but also write about it, discuss about it, observe it in action, and put it in action yourself.  In other words, you have to engage all of your sense in order to internalize knowledge.

Here are some of the ways that I have tried to retain more of what I learned.

  1.  Talk about it.  Right after I learned about something, be it from reading a book, an article or from attending a lecture or seminar.  I would find an opportunity to talk about with someone.  Whenever possible, I would engage in a group discussion about the concept or idea that I have learned, it helps with deepening my understanding while listening to other perspectives.  The connections you make with other people will always make things stick a little better.
  2. Teach it.  I seek out opportunity to teach what I learned.  I would seek out the appropriate audience, of course.  For example, when learned ways to do multi-digit multiplications without a calculation, I taught it to my nephews right ways.  They were high schoolers, they interaction with arithmetic all the time as part of their study and were able to follow when I taught them.
  3. Practice it.  Turn ideas into actions.  The best way to learn is by doing it and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  No matter how good the explanation, you will not get it right the first time.  That’s because your perspective will inevitably be a little different from the writer/speaker/demonstrator.

Next time you learn something, try to do something with it.  Write a posting about it and share.   Talk about it with friends and family.  Do an audio or video on it.   Remember “knowledge is power”.  Reading is not equivalent to knowledge.  A simple concept is never just learned, it needs to be talked, discussed, written, demonstrated, felt, applied etc.




Pearls of Wisdom 2016

These are the pearls of wisdom I collected thru my experiences in the year 2016.  These are the things that I try to abide to and actively use every day.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.  Petty illnesses, discomforts, disillusionments, discouragements, and disappointments are inevitably in modern life, unfortunately they do present some of inference at my present level of maturity.  Anyhow, the following list are things that I try to incorporate into my daily thinking, doing and perceiving everyday this year.  They are in random order.

  • Never regret, only learn from the past, and look to the future with all the knowledge you have gathered.
  • On humor
    • when you make a blunder, you probably get embarrassed, and embarrassment interferes with your ability to find a lighter side of the situation.
    • the more emotional weight you carry, the more likely you are to be left in the frame of mind in which nothing is every funny.
    • Be comfortable with the idea that life is not always supposed to make sense, only then, you can have a playful attitude rather than a serious one.
  • Be aware of how your perspective might be conceived by others and express yourself in a way that will respect them.
  • Everyone likes to have his or her opinion sought.  Make a habit of consulting everyone who should be consulted.
  • When telling stories, imagine the stories you tell.  The important images, feelings, and actions of the stories in your imagination will come out when you tell it.
  • Nothing outside of you can ever produce a lasting sense of completeness, security, or success.  Not relationships, not your career, not your possessions.  So stop blaming, you are your own source of problems as well as solutions.
  • Work on deepening your understanding of people’s behavior and of their  basic needs and desires, although different, people are basically alike.
  • Everyone has just as important hopes and dreams, just as big problems, as you have.  Put things in perspective, you are not the center of the universe.
  • Be aware of your expression, people are watching even when your thought are away.
  • Keep bringing your attention back to what’s happening right now, and you will train yourself to be both expressive and alive.
  • Ask more questions when you are unsure of the cause.

Vision for my blog

I started this blog with no idea what kind of content I am going to put in it.  I am an accountant by trade trying to get my hands on the blogging world.  I am taking a SEO class, I discovered a lot of tools to use in the online world.  These are some of the tools I want to share with you –

PicMonkey PicMonkey – cool tools for editing photos, easy to use, very intuitive, the interface was easy to use, full of self-explanatory icon you can click away, experiment and have fun with your photos.

Wix – easy to use website builder, I was able to use to build a sample website in less than 10 minutes.  You would have to put in more work with the design and content if you are serious about your website, of course.  The tool is loaded with tons of ready to use templates that would make your website look fabulous.

Google Search – many of you probably already know about it, but they are new to me.  In Google Search box put in quotation marks the exact phrases you want to search and minus signs for words you want to exclude from your search results.