Hi Everyone! Welcome to Zoom EoH. I am Irene. I moved to the United States for middle school  I was 12. Throughout my childhood, I moved so much from place to place, that I find myself worrying so much and had a hard time adopting to each of the new places that I was in. It was not until my son was born that I learn to focus on the everyday joyful moments and let other things blur out in the background. There are so much frustration in modern life, I got frustrated earlier when an internet site did now download immediately. All of our petty illnesses, discomforts, disillusionments, discourages could consume all of us if we let it. This blog is to share my experiences and tips on how increase our abilities to deal with to deal with frustrations, disappointments and petty illness that inevitably will happen to all of us. Equally, if not more importantly this blog is share my experiences and tips on how to zoom in on things that we love, things that will us the most joy by explorations of the heart, explorations of the head, explorations of health, and explorations of our habits.