Manager’s Checklist for Effective Employee Check-Ins

Before the meeting:

  • Review notes from the last meeting on any items that need to be followed up on
  • Review the employee’s list of goals and projects to see if there are any due or running off course
  • Make a note of important company changes that need to be discussed with the employee
  • Review any feedback sent/received any discussion points

During the meeting:

  • Get the employee talking
    • use conversation starters to engage the employee in conversation
    • use open-ended questions to keep them talking
    • let the employee steer the conversation but make sure you discuss any important items
  • Goal/Project Updates
    • discuss the status of short-term goals and long-term projects
    • adjust/update existing goals with the employee
    • discuss any challenges or lessons learned
    • offer coaching and/or assistance for any roadblocks
    • discuss if any other priorities might affect the goal progress
    • ensure all goals are still on track
    • acknowledge any milestones or accomplishments
    • discuss/confirm any new goals for the employee
  • Recent accomplishments
    • acknowledge recent accomplishments and provide feedback
    • ask the employee for any recent accomplishments
  • Status of training/learning
    • discuss any training items due/in progress
    • ask the employee if there are any training requests
    • ask if the employee feels they are getting enough feedback
    • ask if the employee is learning from peers/mentors or if they would like to
    • recommend training items to improve skills and further career
    • discuss how training should be executed
  • Company or team updates/news
    • discuss any important company/team updates or news
    • confirm any action items needed
  • Employee ideas/Requests for change
    • Ask the employee for any ideas/input
    • discuss any areas in need of change (company, team, project, assignment etc)
    • ask the employee if your management style is effective for them and get suggestions for change
    • discuss any overall roadblocks or distractions that might be affecting the employee
  • Employee Career Development
    • discuss employee’s career goals
    • discuss how you can work together to achieve their career goals
    • discuss opportunities and career paths for the employee
    • set clear expectations for any lateral/upward movement
  • plan for the Week/Month/Quarter
    • review the priorities for the short and long-term

End of the meeting:  summarize

After the meeting: document

Overall, frequent check-ins with employees is a must to ensure clarity, provide coaching, and offer the support needed for an employee to succeed.


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