Pearls of Wisdom 2016

These are the pearls of wisdom I collected thru my experiences in the year 2016.  These are the things that I try to abide to and actively use every day.  Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.  Petty illnesses, discomforts, disillusionments, discouragements, and disappointments are inevitably in modern life, unfortunately they do present some of inference at my present level of maturity.  Anyhow, the following list are things that I try to incorporate into my daily thinking, doing and perceiving everyday this year.  They are in random order.

  • Never regret, only learn from the past, and look to the future with all the knowledge you have gathered.
  • On humor
    • when you make a blunder, you probably get embarrassed, and embarrassment interferes with your ability to find a lighter side of the situation.
    • the more emotional weight you carry, the more likely you are to be left in the frame of mind in which nothing is every funny.
    • Be comfortable with the idea that life is not always supposed to make sense, only then, you can have a playful attitude rather than a serious one.
  • Be aware of how your perspective might be conceived by others and express yourself in a way that will respect them.
  • Everyone likes to have his or her opinion sought.  Make a habit of consulting everyone who should be consulted.
  • When telling stories, imagine the stories you tell.  The important images, feelings, and actions of the stories in your imagination will come out when you tell it.
  • Nothing outside of you can ever produce a lasting sense of completeness, security, or success.  Not relationships, not your career, not your possessions.  So stop blaming, you are your own source of problems as well as solutions.
  • Work on deepening your understanding of people’s behavior and of their  basic needs and desires, although different, people are basically alike.
  • Everyone has just as important hopes and dreams, just as big problems, as you have.  Put things in perspective, you are not the center of the universe.
  • Be aware of your expression, people are watching even when your thought are away.
  • Keep bringing your attention back to what’s happening right now, and you will train yourself to be both expressive and alive.
  • Ask more questions when you are unsure of the cause.

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