Vision for my blog

I started this blog with no idea what kind of content I am going to put in it.  I am an accountant by trade trying to get my hands on the blogging world.  I am taking a SEO class, I discovered a lot of tools to use in the online world.  These are some of the tools I want to share with you –

PicMonkey PicMonkey – cool tools for editing photos, easy to use, very intuitive, the interface was easy to use, full of self-explanatory icon you can click away, experiment and have fun with your photos.

Wix – easy to use website builder, I was able to use to build a sample website in less than 10 minutes.  You would have to put in more work with the design and content if you are serious about your website, of course.  The tool is loaded with tons of ready to use templates that would make your website look fabulous.

Google Search – many of you probably already know about it, but they are new to me.  In Google Search box put in quotation marks the exact phrases you want to search and minus signs for words you want to exclude from your search results.




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